Communications with our officers/clients is accomplished by calling one number, which immediately connects you with our dispatch center.

This center is fully staffed 24-hours per day with 9-1-1 P.O.S.T. trained dispatchers, who are qualified to handle any concern that you or a tenant may have. We have a minimum of two operators available 24 hours each day and a third operator/supervisor on duty, during the busier evening hours when the majority of our response calls are received.

When an alarm or tenant call comes in to our dispatch center, the dispatcher brings up the account on a state of the art information program CADD and dispatches it to the patrol vehicle serving that area via TeleTrac. Calls are logged using CADD and available for review if there is a question regarding the status of a specific event.

This state of the art $1,000,000 dispatch center is the envy of many other security companies. If you or your tenants have a safety concern you want it heard, understood and dealt with professionally. Our dispatchers are capable of getting this done.

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