Motor Division

As the Elite force of National Public Safety, The Motor division takes pride in being one of NPS most distinguished and highly visible teams. Motor Officers must meet higher department standards which is a requirement for the motor division. Integrity, attention to detail and genuine public concern with high visibility places the motor division personnel in the public eye, therefore the level of professionalism is expected. Motor officers are issued BMW RT1150P which are take home vehicles and cared for by the motor officer.

National Public Safety was founded in 1996. The motor Division was in full operation as of Jan. 2005. Throughout the years the motor Division has been building up to a full staff of 12 Motor officers and the team is finely tuned and well organized. The Motor Division is overseen by one of the original motor officers assigned to the team.

The Motor team is overseen by senior managers which provides the team with the necessary skills, training and high level of standards to follow.

The Motor Divisions primary duties is to provided Traffic control while conducting Funeral service, VIP escorts, Dignitary escorts and other venues that may require escorts. While not being involved with escorts the Motor team patrols residential, Military Housing and Business who have contracts with NPS. Some responsibilities the motor division has is to answer dispatched calls, vehicle traffic enforcement, Community policing. Motor officers work hard to maintain a higher level of security for our clients, therefore Placing themselves as a strong proactive security force much needed by our community. Motor officers provide the ability to save time and resources while maintaining good presence and quality appearance for our communities

Potential candidates and all refresher courses are referred to California Highway patrol approved course trough motorcycle safety foundation. Officers are taught the safety tips, riding skills, new California laws and advanced training necessary to conduct motor patrols. In house training is closely supervised for repot writing, motorcycle formations, advanced riding skills and teamwork.

A few of our clients include:

- Little People Big World
- LT Tomlinson
- Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

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